We are a Consumer National Debt Collection Agency. We know how important it is to you to collect outstanding debts from nonpaying customers! We also know how valuable your time is!
You do not have to spend your time making collection calls and sending out nasty letters. You do not even have to pay benefits or taxes to an in-house collector. ICC Debt Group can do all the work for you… and you only pay if we collect! It is a win-win situation!
ICC Debt Group Collects:
  • ✅Retail & Service Debts
  • ✅Medical Bills
  • ✅Bad Checks
  • ✅Heating Oil Accounts
  • ✅Utilities
  • ✅Credit Card Debt
  • ✅Loans
  • ✅Online Transactions
  • And More!

We offers many types of services to meet your needs. We are dedicated to be your full service debt collection service by increasing your bad debt recovery professionally, while preserving your image with your client. We work hard with debtors to come to a resolution in a timely manner.
Some of our services include:
Pre- Collections / Soft Collections – We provide courteous reminder calls for our clients, about a 15 to 30 day balance. We also send reminder letters, if requested, This service is done as your office or ours, usually on these type of balances, clients request, we call as them.
Commercial Collection Services – Our services are tailor made to meet your individual requirements. We work as a team with you in order to maximize your cash flow & reduce your debtor days.
Commercial collections website: 


Our Fees

Once an account is placed for collection, ICC Debt Group charges a 15-35% commission on all monies that we collect, or all monies that are paid directly to you by the debtor during the time that the account is under contract with us for collection. If no monies are collected, you pay us NOTHING!If an account is under $75.00, or over one year old, we charge a 45% commission, as the sooner an account is placed with us the better the chances are of recovery.
You will be charged if a debtor pays us or pays you directly. If the debtor pays ICC Debt Group, we keep our commission and send you the balance. Payments are sent out monthly. If the debtor pays you, you must advise us IMMEDIATELY so we can invoice you for the commission. Reporting direct payments is required under the terms of our collection agreement.
Second placements are accepted at a 45% commission rate. We also offer In House Pre Collections at a flat rate based on volume. Commission rates for placements referred for litigation are independently negotiated. Returned merchandise/equipment as payment of claim: 40% of normal fee.
Payment’s made directly to you will be invoiced subject to the standard rates. ICC Debt Group invoice payment terms are “Payable upon receipt”.

What happens when you place an account for collection?

Communications from a collection agency convey immediate urgency to the debtor. We begin collection proceedings immediately upon receipt of your request by sending a letter advising the debtor that the account has been placed with ICC Debt Group By law, as a collection agency, we are required to inform the debtor of his rights and provide him with pertinent information regarding his past-due account. Therefore, in our initial communication we include:

✅The name of the creditor

✅The amount due

✅The fact that the debtor has thirty (30) days from the date of the letter to dispute the claim or request verification of the debt.

✅A pamphlet entitled “What To Do When You Receive A Collection Notice”
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