ICC Debt Group, Inc. exists to serve the varied debt collection needs of individuals and businesses throughout the United States of America.  Our primary mission is to intercede on behalf of our clients by utilizing our experience and expertise to protect and strengthen bottom line results while preserving relationships.  This enables clients to focus more on core activities without expending valuable resources to recover unpaid debts.   We specialize in mitigating issues between parties, acting as an agent of resolution, and proceed within the parameters set forth by our clients.  This approach is instrumental in creating “neutral ground” for negotiating disputes, whereby promoting good will and fair dealing.

ICC Debt Group, Inc. operates with integrity and professionalism, exceeding the ethical and legal standards as prescribed by our professional memberships and state licensure.  We realize a collection agency should uphold the public image and reputation of its clients.  Therefore, we at ICC Debt Group, Inc., consider ourselves an extension of our clients’ business practices and good name, and engage in our recovery efforts accordingly.  We adhere to a practice of strict compliance with state and federal collection laws.

ICC Debt Group, Inc. secondary mission is to capitalize on our core competencies in order to assist clients with managing, reducing or eliminating unpaid debt.  We do this by identifying root problems, and developing and implementing efficient pre-collection and debt-reduction strategies.  Through consultation with clients, ICC Debt Group, Inc. can facilitate heightened control over the A/R function, typically resulting in an overall decrease in overdue accounts, coupled with an increase in profitability with those accounts placed for collection.

ICC Debt Group, Inc. embraces a central belief that all facets of the collection effort are predicated on successful relationships.  To this end, our agency conducts all business activities with the intent to establish and nurture all stakeholder associations.  We maintain a viable network of industry and business professionals, and define our business practices by the quality and competency of this network.

ICC Debt Group, Inc. makes it services available to all.  There is no minimum requirement for volume or balance of business placed as our business model promotes profitability at any level.  We save clients the need to shop around for a collection agency by offering exceptional services and respectable results at better-than-industry average pricing. Please call us at 800-784-2301 or email nick@iccdebt.com. No minimums required. We report to all credit bureaus.